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Allianz Riviera

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What Happens to the Olympics Plans of Cities That do not Win Them?

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Had Chicago won the 2016 Summer Olympics, as many people in the city once felt certain it would, the region would be roughly at the halfway point now in preparations for the Games. Chicago would be constructing an 80,000-seat stadium on the South Side that could later be converted into a permanent (and much smaller) neighborhood asset. It would be redeveloping the area around the closed Michael Reese Hospital, connecting the street grid there for a walkable Olympic Village. It would be remodeling the downtown waterfront for use as a rowing venue.  It’s interesting to look at all of these shelved plans now, three-and-a-half years after the International Olympic Committee gave Chicago’s Games instead to Rio de Janeiro. Several dozen local architecture, planning, engineering and consulting firms spent more than three years sketching out proposals for the Olympics the city hoped to hold, all in an effort to bring that hypothetical to life for the IOC. Then nearly all of that work ceased to be relevant the morning of Oct. 2, 2009.

  We often ask what Olympic cities really get in return for all the money, energy, and construction chaos invested in hosting the world’s largest sporting event. But the story of cities that vie for but never win the Games raises a different question. “What does putting together a bid that is unsuccessful leave you?” asks Sean Kinzie, an associate director with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in Chicago who worked full-time for three-and-a-half years on plans for some of the city’s hopeful Olympic venues. He then pauses before fielding his own question. “I’m not sure I know the answer.”

  Kinzie pulled out all of those old architectural slides over the weekend – still with captions written in that hopeful future tense – for a panel on Olympic legacies at the American Planning Association’s annual conference. Chicago is hosting the planning confab this week (the city may not have won the Olympics, but it got the APA!), and so it made sense to include Chicago in any talk of Olympic urban transformation. Kinzie, though, wound up awkwardly wedged with his unrealized Olympics between a speaker from London, which actually hosted the event, and another from Rio, which will.

10 Estadios mais bonitos do Mundo

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10º Arena Pernambuco - Recife (Pernambuco, Brasil) - Capacidade: 46.000

Inauguração: 2013

9º Allianz Arena - Munique (Alemanha) - Capacidade: 71.137

Inauguração: 2005

 8º Juventus Arena - Turim (Piemonte, Itália) - Capacidade: 41.000

 Inauguração: 2011 

7º Arena São Paulo - São Paulo (Brasil) - Capacidade: 68.000

Inauguração: 2014

6º Arena das Dunas - Natal (Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil) - Capacidade: 42.623

Inauguração: 2013

5º Arena Amazônia - Manaus (Amazonas, Brasil) - Capacidade: 44.310

Inauguração: 2014

4º Doha Port Stadium - Doha (Catar) - Capacidade: 45.000

Inauguração: 2022

3º Estádio Nacional Lusail - Doha (Catar) - Capacidade: 86.250

Inauguração: 2022

2º Estádio Omnilife - Zapopan - (Jalisco, México) - Capacidade: 49.850

Inauguração: 2010

1º Estádio de Kaliningrado - Kaliningrado (Rússia) - Capacidade: 45.015

Inauguração: 2017

Universiade Sports Center

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Estadio Internacional de Monterrey

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2022 Al-Rayyan Stadium

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